Link Dump – December 19, 2012 Edition

What the Heck Is CSS Specificity? | Design Shack

Simply Testable professional automated front-end web testing

CSS Horus | CSS Framework for responsive and mobile websites

Kube CSS-framework for professional developers

Base – A super simple, responsive framework designed to work for mobile devices, tablets, netbooks and desktop computers.

Cache is King | High Performance Web Sites

The Story of the New Rainypixels


Link Dump – December 14, 2012 Edition

The Ruby Toolbox – Know Your Options!

Categorizing values in JavaScript | Adobe Developer Connection

WebPerfDays: Performance Tools | High Performance Web Sites

Guy’s Pod Blog Archive Responsive Web Design Makes It Hard To Be Fast

Free Java Tutorials & Guide | Java programming source code

Performance Tips for JavaScript in V8 – HTML5 Rocks

No Silver Bullets? Programmers Stack Exchange Blog

Link Dump – December 7, 2012 Edition

How to Rock a Developer Phone Interview | Palantir

Firefox Metro Preview for Windows 8 | Future Releases

WebGL: How It Works

Drawing Things with Box-Shadow Joshua HibbertJoshua Hibbert

Bruce Lawsons personal siteĀ  : On DRM in HTML5

Using the HTML5 Fullscreen API for Phishing Attacks

Adobe & HTML

Bocoup on Air Developing for the Mobile Web – Bocoup

The Most Useful Bookmarklets to Enhance Your Browsing Experience – How-To Geek