Link Dump – October 26, 2012 Edition

Welcome to TypeScript

Web Dev .NET: Don’t Initialize All the Things in jQuery.ready()

Modern Web Libraries : Modern Web Libraries reusable libraries directory

Specificity Calculator

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Programming isn’t fun it’s much more than that

Skin your Chrome Inspector | Darcy Clarke

Tower of Babel: A tour of programming languages // Speaker Deck


Link Dump – October 19, 2012 Edition

Gallery of free HTML snippets for Twitter Bootstrap. |

Online Compiler & IDE for C, Java, C# and C++ | Compilr

7 HTML5 features that you may not know about Aaron Lumsden |

CSS3 Snippets for Front-End Web Developers | WebInterfaceLab

jQuery TextExt Plugin

Useful JavaScript Libraries and jQuery Plugins For Web Developers | Smashing Coding

Useful JavaScript Libraries and jQuery Plugins For Web Developers | Smashing Coding

Organizing Enterprise-Level Applications | Nettuts+

Will Rails be the new PHP? | Roy Tomeij

Is a rsum relevant in the age of online courses and open source projects? | Ars Technica

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DailyJS: JavaScript for Node Part 1: Enumeration

Rethinking caching in web apps Martin Kleppmanns blog

Why Mozilla Persona is the right answer to the question of Identity – The Lab

Fontello – easy iconic fonts composer

Link Dump – October 13, 2012 Edition

Gallery of free HTML snippets for Twitter Bootstrap. |

Everything you ever wanted to know about WebRTC Online Video News

Structuring JavaScript Code Part I | the pluralsight blog

Input & Textarea Character Limit Display with jQuery – Web Development Blog

Free Zend Framework Screencasts – Zendcasts

The 90th percentile: Sublime Text Editor tricks for web developers

Websockets 101 | Armin Ronacher’s Thoughts and Writings

CSS Selector Listeners | Back Alley Coder

Deferred method combinator – Document Function Model

100 Terrific Tools for Coders & Developers | DailyTekk

Android Training | Android Developers

Eden PHP Library


Its been 2 months since I last published a tutorial on this blog since I was publishing on my Octopress blog hosted by github at  I noticed that non of my entries were on the first page of Google search which means that I was not getting any eyeballs on my blog. Though I don’t really care if anyone is reading my blog because I’m just doing this because I want to. But I atleast want it to be reachable by people who are looking for solutions that I might have already tackled in one of my blog entries before so that I can hit atleast 2 birds with one stone ( learning more about something by teaching it and helping other people through writing tutorials and solutions to problems that I have encountered). And for this purpose WordPress is pretty much the wise choice. Most WordPress blogs are high quality blogs therefore they’re mostly stay on the first page of Google search results. So I’m going to continue publishing tutorials in this blog in the next couple of weeks as I’m still figuring out how to create something that would allow me to convert some of the markdown files from my Octopress blog to HTML. I’m planning to republish the tutorials that I’ve published on my Octopress blog to this blog. And of course I’ll still continue publishing the weekly link dumps.

Link Dump – October 5, 2012 Edition

Online Technical Interviews and Recruitment Software | Interview Zen

Book Store | .htaccess made easy

Zen and the Art of TDD on Vimeo

Yeoman: Tooling and frameworks for apps | Adobe Developer Connection

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A new tool for front-end devs | Mike Kus

What questions to ask a developer during an interview

rehno-lindeque/adt.js GitHub

Web Site Launch Toolkit | Toolset | What To Use

Want to learn Django? Start here. elweb

Craigslist sues site that makes its apartment listings easier to find (Updated) | Ars Technica

This Is Responsive | Tips, Resources and Patterns for Responsive Web Design

thumbnail – Facebook Post Link Image – Stack Overflow

Online Python Tutor – Learn programming by visualizing code execution

Breaking Development on Vimeo

Web Rebels Conference on Vimeo

For learning, refreshing, or just for fun!

Test Users – Facebook Developers

Sublime Text Tips