Awesome resources for learning web development

Code  Academy

An awesome collection of interactive tutorials on HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and a bunch of games mostly written on JavaScript. At the time of writing of this article they only have those but I really think this will grow into a super awesome collection of interactive tutorials on everything about web programming. 



Tree House

Basing from their front-page and the amount of recommendations from the superstars and rockstars in the web design and development industry this site really rocks when it comes to teaching you web development.



Peep Code

They have a collection of the most recent technologies like Node.js, Backbone.js, SASS, Git, and Clojure which is wise since most of the people who really want to catch up with the ever-evolving web development industry will surely want to check out their tutorials.



Rails Cast

Has a large collection of Ruby on Rails screencasts.




Most likely the biggest collection of video tutorials on everything about computers.



The New Boston

A collection of video tutorials not only in web development but also in other subjects like Science, Physics, Math, Algebra, etc.



PHP Academy

One of the popular channels on YouTube offering free tutorials on PHP and jQuery.




Free video tutorials on anything computer. They have tutorials on databases, operating systems, programming, game development and others.



Total Training

High-quality tutorials on every Microsoft or Adobe software that you can think of.



Khan Academy

If you cannot afford to go to school then Khan Academy is the place for you. Almost any subject that you can think of is here. They have videos ranging from History to Science.




Features high-quality JavaScript and jQuery tutorials. The screencasts are bundled with exercises and a map to help you track your progress.



Course Hero

Just a few months old from the time of writing of this article. Course Hero is a collection of video tutorials on web programming, entrepreneurship, and business. Most of their tutorials came from Youtube but they have added an awesome thing called concept quiz at the end of each video. I don’t know if its applicable to all but when I have tested it the concept quiz is just a single multiple choice item which when answered brings you to the next video/lesson.



Code School

A collection of the most recent web-technologies like CoffeeScript (a JavaScript alternative), Backbone.js, and Mobile web development.



Node Tuts

Collection of video tutorials on Node.js.




As you might already know Nettuts is the king when it comes to web development tutorials and where can you find there awesomeness in video format? Their Youtube channel where you can find most of the free tutorials that they have created.



Another awesome site for learning Web Development especially recommended for beginners. They have a very unique style of teaching wherein you watch a video first and then they’ll give you a quiz to answer after that the teacher will also discuss the correct answer so even if you didn’t get the quiz correctly you’ll also be able to know the correct answer without doing a Google search.




A collection of high quality courses from top universities for the price of free. It’s really amazing how they were able to put up this awesome resource without having to charge money. Courses range from 4-10 weeks and they keep on adding new courses not just about computers but also other fields such as Mathematics, Healthcare, Society, History and others.



There’s also the Learning Management System from Village88. Here you can learn everything you need to know about web software engineering. They have courses on HTML, CSS, jQuery, AJAX,  PHP, Object-Oriented PHP, MySQL, MVC, Version Control, and Server Management. And learning is implemented by watching video tutorials and answering assignments. Lastly, you have mentors who will teach you how to do things the right way. I’m personally taking their courses right now and I really recommend it especially to those who are very passionate in learning Web Development.



Association of Keyboard Ninjas

I personally run this page. And it might seem a bit of a promotion in my part but if you are the type of person who wants to have their Web Development news and resources straight to their Facebook stream then like this page and I assure that you won’t regret it. And to make this shameless promotion complete I also run a Facebook group for passionate people in the field of IT.



MIT Open Courseware

MIT Open Courseware is another useful resource from one of the top universities around the world the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They have a collection of videos taken from live classes held in the MIT which gives you the feel of having attended the classes. They also included a bunch of resources(documents, links, etc.) that you can use in each of their courses.



Mozilla Developer Network

Most of the web developers that I follow on Twitter recommend this as the resource for web developers instead of W3Schools. I won’t tell you why but you can check out this site if you want to learn more about that drama. Anyway Mozilla Developer Network is maintained by a community of web developers so it’s assured that the content is always updated.


HTML5 Rocks

Awesome HTM5 stuff.

Mozilla Hacks

A collection of leading edge web development stuff.


HTML5 Please

A collection of recommendations on what html5, css3, polyfill, fallbacks to use. This site is put up by the awesome people in the field of frontend web development so it is ensured that the content is always awesome and updated.

CSS Tricks Screencasts

Lastly there’s  CSS-Tricks Screencasts.  Just a collection of random stuff by Chris Coyier.image


Don’t forget to leave a comment if you know of another awesome web development resource that wasn’t mentioned in this article. Thanks!