Link Dump – November 30, 2012 Edition

Introducing The Jed Toolkit – Alex Sexton

The complexity of user experience Martin Kleppmanns blog

Merge, split, protect, encrypt and mix pdf files online free – | The easiest and smartest online crop tool

Be nice to programmers

Pluralsight – Hardcore Developer Training


Link Dump – November 23, 2012 Edition

I’ve been bookmarking less links lately so starting this week I’ll only be posting 10 links. Rest assured the quality of these resources and articles are still the same.

Javascript Territory – Jster Javascript Catalog

Powerful Command Line Tools For Developers | Smashing Coding


10 Excellent HTML5 coding Tools Many Users Dont Know About

Helpful JavaScript Patterns | New Relic blog

matthewrobb/six GitHub

This is how we work with clients elweb

Link Dump – November 15, 2012 Edition

Ask HN: How does an experienced freelancer get work? | Hacker News

How do our favorite tech companies make money?

Things you didn’t know about Python // Speaker Deck

Framework Fight: Zurb Foundation vs. Twitter Bootstrap | Design Shack

Chris Granger – All ideas are old ideas Your Web, documented

Programming Is the New Literacy | Edutopia

Measure Results, Not Hours, to Improve Work Efficiency –

vesln/sourcery GitHub

How to pronounce __proto__

DailyJS: Decorating Your JavaScript

JSONiq – The JSON Query Language

CSS3 vs jQuery Animations – Dev.Opera

Doctest.js: the humane Javascript test framework

AngularUI for AngularJS

Simple Helper to Extract Values from a String | LakTEK

MySQL Tutorial 1: Overview, Tables, Queries

Ask HN: What did the really successful programmers do differently? | Hacker News

Essential Javascript: the top five testing libraries | Feature | .net magazine

Link Dump – November 1, 2012 Edition

Base CSS | Pasteup | Guardian News & Media

25 web development tips to boost your skills | Feature | .net magazine

The importance of building a financial buffer Stuff & Nonsense, And All That Malarkey

CSS Lint for Sass & Compass Comcast Interactive Media Labs

23 October 2012, baked by Leisa Reichelt @ The Pastry Box Project

Build – Single handedly the best conference of 2009 | Paddy Donnelly

You Are A Developer, The Internet Is Your Friend

Exploring the HTML5 Web Audio: visualizing sound |

Interview with Jon Ferraiolo | Adobe Developer Connection

Responsive CSS Framework Comparison: Bootstrap, Foundation, Skeleton

HTML5, CSS3, JS Demos, Creations and Experiments | CSSDeck

How to Create Full-page Animations Using CSS – SitePoint