Link Dump – November 15, 2012 Edition

Ask HN: How does an experienced freelancer get work? | Hacker News

How do our favorite tech companies make money?

Things you didn’t know about Python // Speaker Deck

Framework Fight: Zurb Foundation vs. Twitter Bootstrap | Design Shack

Chris Granger – All ideas are old ideas Your Web, documented

Programming Is the New Literacy | Edutopia

Measure Results, Not Hours, to Improve Work Efficiency –

vesln/sourcery GitHub

How to pronounce __proto__

DailyJS: Decorating Your JavaScript

JSONiq – The JSON Query Language

CSS3 vs jQuery Animations – Dev.Opera

Doctest.js: the humane Javascript test framework

AngularUI for AngularJS

Simple Helper to Extract Values from a String | LakTEK

MySQL Tutorial 1: Overview, Tables, Queries

Ask HN: What did the really successful programmers do differently? | Hacker News

Essential Javascript: the top five testing libraries | Feature | .net magazine


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