Its been 2 months since I last published a tutorial on this blog since I was publishing on my Octopress blog hosted by github at http://anchetawern.github.com.  I noticed that non of my entries were on the first page of Google search which means that I was not getting any eyeballs on my blog. Though I don’t really care if anyone is reading my blog because I’m just doing this because I want to. But I atleast want it to be reachable by people who are looking for solutions that I might have already tackled in one of my blog entries before so that I can hit atleast 2 birds with one stone ( learning more about something by teaching it and helping other people through writing tutorials and solutions to problems that I have encountered). And for this purpose WordPress is pretty much the wise choice. Most WordPress blogs are high quality blogs therefore they’re mostly stay on the first page of Google search results. So I’m going to continue publishing tutorials in this blog in the next couple of weeks as I’m still figuring out how to create something that would allow me to convert some of the markdown files from my Octopress blog to HTML. I’m planning to republish the tutorials that I’ve published on my Octopress blog to this blog. And of course I’ll still continue publishing the weekly link dumps.


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