Link Dump – September 9, 2012 Edition

JavaScript Code Debugging for Beginners – Speckyboy Design Magazine

JavaScript Events And Responding To The User | Smashing Coding

Fix Price vs. Time and Material Contracts Programmers Stack Exchange Blog

Top 6 security attacks in PHP | Blog | Anson Cheung – Web Development Specialist

JavaScript for Cats

Believe you can change (Aaron Swartz’s Raw Thought)

All of the live samples in jsFiddle – Knock Me Out

Andrew Trice Blog Archive Using HTML/JS Templates to Generate More Than Just HTML

JavaScript Templates – List of Popular and Emerging JavaScript Template Engines upcomingweb

Why JSON will continue to push XML out of the picture AppFog Blog

The Official YAML Web Site

Dan Grossman | A date range picker for Twitter Bootstrap

Using Facebook Graph to simply post a wall message with just javascript – Stack Overflow

posting to friends wall using facebook javascript sdk – Stack Overflow

Erik Mller – Blog archive

The Two HTML Specs | Filament Group, Inc., Boston, MA

Introduction to .htaccess – Codular


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