13 Conference Videos that Every Developer Should Watch

Here are some of the videos from web developer conferences that I think every developer should watch.

Google IO 2012 – SQL vs NoSQL: Battle of the Backends (Ken Ashcraft, Alfred Fuller)

Google IO 2012 – Chrome Developer Tools Evolution (Sam Dutton, Pavel Feldman)

Google IO 2012 – The Web Can Do That! (Eric Bidelman)

Google IO 2012 – New Web Tools and Advanced CSS HTML5 Features from Adobe and Google (Alex Danilo, Vincent Hardy, Christian Cantrell)

Google IO 2012 – High Performance HTML5 (Steve Souders)

Google IO 2011 – Learning to Love JavaScript (Alex Russell)

Fluent 2012 – Javascript Development Workflow of 2013 (Paul Irish)

Google IO 2012 – Better Web App Development Through Tooling (Paul Irish)

Front Trends 2012 – Breaking Good Habits (Harry Roberts)

Breaking Good Habits – Harry Roberts from Front-Trends on Vimeo.

Fluent 2012 – Your Script Just Killed My Site (Steve Souders)

What We Don’t Know (Chris Coyier)

JS Conf US 2012 – JavaScript Tooling (Paul Irish)

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/g_MngvbfHwI?p=1 width=”560″ height=”315″]

Front Trends 2012 – How Browsers Work Internally (Tali Garsiel)

How browsers work internally – Tali Garsiel – Front-Trends 2012 from Front-Trends on Vimeo.


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