Useful sites for freelancers looking for online jobs

Whether you’re a currently unemployed professional looking for online jobs or an employee of a certain company looking for things to do on your free time here are some useful sites that will help you find online jobs.



A new startup that lets you find jobs both local and telecommute. If you believe you’re pretty competent in your field then this is the site to be. Because you will mostly find jobs at the expert level here. Really useful if you have lots of superpowers.




A unique site where you can find jobs that fits the skill that you have included in your profile. It’s unique in the sense that you’re not the one that’s going to look for jobs it’s the site that’s going to send jobs that you might be interested in applying for based on your skills. For example you have included JavaScript, PHP, MySQL as your skill. You will receive emails and text messages (if you have included your cellphone number) on jobs that matches your skills. I believe this is really pretty awesome.




A pretty old one but still useful. Here you get to propose for the price that you want if you think their budget is too low. You can also upload your resume and compose your cover letter or application letter. A really pretty normal jobs site but since it was founded in the year 2003 its already given that it has the most job postings so its  pretty populated with jobs which makes it a bit hard to find the jobs that you’re really interested in.




The number one professional networking site where you get to connect with professionals in your field. But it doesn’t end there because you can actually join groups like CodeIgniter developer group, web developer/ web design groups. And you can find relevant job posting on the group. For example if you joined a web developer group you will only find job postings that are related to web development (html, css, javascript, etc.)image



You might have heard of this site already but not aware that you can actually post and look for jobs. There’s always a new job posting everyday and if you’re lucky most of them are also online or telecommute jobs. What’s good about this site is that you won’t see how many people applied for the job that you’re trying to apply for. In my opinion this is very useful and it will make you feel like you’re the only person applying for the job which gives you the confidence that you have better chance.




You might already know this one since it comes close to the word Freelance. Really useful if you already belong to a company because this site is mostly populated by companies looking for online jobs. So if you’re an individual freelancer you might only have luck if you’re really awesome and possess superpowers. One useful feature of this site is the email notifications on the jobs or projects that matches your skills.




Similar to because you also have to write proposals which is much like an application letter. Jobs can either be fixed rate or per hour. But before you can look for jobs you have to pass an online test which is really easy since its an open book test. After that you can take something like a certification exam to prove that you’re actually competent in the skills that you included in your profile. This is optional but you get better chances of getting hired for the job if you pass these exams.




As the name of the site suggests this is a site specifically dedicated to coding. You will most likely find jobs like website design, website development, usability testing, and search engine optimization. Most of the jobs here are project-based.




A site where you can find jobs on programming, design, writing and marketing. Most of the jobs here are per project.



That’s the end of this list. If you know of other useful sites for finding online jobs then talk to me in the comments. Thanks!


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